Comment on DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Review by Money Guy.

DLH Web Consultancy Ltd ReviewWeb Consultancy Group Ltd ( located at 21 Gosford St, Middlesbrough, TS2 1BB have made and achieved a second defamation complaint to Google regarding the DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Review SERPs.

See the new defamation complaint at

Defamation Complaint by Web Consultancy Group Limited

Web Consultancy Group Ltd Defamation Complaint to Google
Received on May 08, 2017

Re: Unknown

Sent via: Unknown

Notice Type: Defamation

Legal Complaint

I previously made this same request [1-[REDACTED]85] and Google agreed with me, the content on the page was affecting my companies legal rights, Libel is defamation of a person through a permanent form of communication, mostly the written word. As Web Consultancy Group Limited is a legal eternity the information on these pages wire Liable… Now you have removed those pages, the person has now written an article about the removal and then pasted all the same content on the new pages.. Given my business “Web Consultancy Group Limited” is a separate legal entity this site is breaking the law claiming we are “DLH Web Consultancy Ltd” when in fact we are different companies.. with this same content being posted despite Google previously removing it is clearly a disrespect to Google also, in the one he even says he know Google removed the last page so he will do again.. This is illegal as it is slander against my business! Thanks

Defamation Claim #1
URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material:

Jurisdictions: Unspecified

Google presumably approved the new defamation claim because I’d made the mistake of referring to “Web Consultancy Group Limited” (company number: 07924238) as the SAME company as “DLH Web Consultancy Ltd” (company number: 08239559).

Even though Stephen Hall owned and Elizabeth Mulligan worked for the company “DLH Web Consultancy Ltd” (dissolved/closed 4th October 2016) and Stephen Hall currently (May 2017) owns and Elizabeth Mulligan works for the company “Web Consultancy Group Limited” (another company that was renamed from “Data Supply Services (UK) Ltd” to “Web Consultancy Group Ltd” on 14th October 2016), legally they are NOT the same company.

I have of course corrected the errors, all suggestions “DLH Web Consultancy Ltd” and “Web Consultancy Group Ltd” are the same company have been removed.

Time will tell if that’s enough for Google to stop blocking DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Review SERPs.

David Law