There has been much debate in the now ‘post Panda’ era about which backlinks are truly valuable and which ones are useless. The search engines have become highly intelligent when it comes to figuring out link quality and relevance. Links that held a lot of clout five years back are not so valuable any more. We’ll discuss some of the reasons for this.

Article Writing – Some say its time has passed but article writing is still an excellent way of obtaining good quality backlinks, but it should not be your only method. Many still say it doesn’t work, but it has worked well for me. It’s like saying newspapers are useless. People search for their information in many various ways. If they come across your articles and like it then they are probably going to visit your site. You will have a link to your site in your resource box they can click on to get there. These can be valuable links because most article directories put your articles through a strict approval process. When submitting articles it is best practice to make the article unique and worth reading. Google along with some of the trusted  directories require this. I would not waste my time submitting anything to low quality places, stay with the top dogs.

Blog Commenting – There is a lot of controversy surrounding this topic. If you have had a blog of your own then you probably know about getting tons of spam. This is mainly auto-generated by the robots that make comments on hundreds or thousands of blogs. Many of these comments just are simply useless, meaningless, and don’t add any kind of value to the blog content. So do your own commenting, choose blog posts that are 1, well written and 2, not spammed. Make sure your comment contributes to the post and it doesn’t look like spam. Most places you want comment links from moderate all comments.

Web 2.0 Properties – These web 2.0 properties happen to be content networks allowing users to create their own content in text, audio and video, image and picture form, and many more forms of content. There are web 2.0 properties like Hubpages that hold high page ranking. They require good high quality and original content. They usually will give you a contextual backlink if your content passes muster. Since these types of pages can take some time to build it might be worth it to you to either purchase a well written article to turn into a Web 2.0 property or high someone off a site like fiverr to create them for you. As always, just do your homework before deciding.

These links can be extremely valuable for dealing with search engines because these sites carry high page rank (especially the parent URL). This means it has authority, but you can no longer simply throw content together and then place it onto these networks thinking it is viable. Today your content needs to be written with seriousness and rich in information value. If you don’t keep up regular activity on your Squidoo lens they will take it off of their search network. Web 2.0 can be very valuable but you have to be serious about how you use them. If hiring a person to create your Web 2.0 they usually have an account and are very active creating for other people as well.

All these methods can help you acquire good backlinks and get a higher page rank from the search engines.


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