If you are into online marketing, you would agree that SEO is an inevitable technique to gain insane amount of web traffic, quality leads and eventually sales. SEO has evolved significantly in last few years and because its concepts and theories are relatively new, it is very easy for people to misunderstand or misinterpret some concepts. This has resulted in many myths and misconceptions to occur in SEO industry, that very often result in waste of a lot of time and efforts for SEO experts. In this article I am going clear a few SEO myths that are currently revolving in the SEO industry.

1.       More Keywords = Better Rankings

This is absolutely wrong; in fact if you use multiple keywords in your content it will drastically effect your SEO campaign and will badly effect your keyword density.

2.       Maximum Links = Better Rankings

We cannot deny the importance of off page SEO when it comes to ranking a website for any given keyword, but it is wrong to think that only the higher quantity of links will result in better rankings. In fact it is more about quality now then quantity. A website having a significantly low count of incoming backlinks can easily out rank a website with huge backlinks count, given its backlinks are of high quality.

3.       PPC boosts your rankings

Recently this myth has gain a lot of popularity, the only thing PPC helps you with, is the paid traffic that is of high quality and laser targeted towards your niche, but it does not affect your organic rankings at all.

4.       Buying Links Helps In Better Rankings

You should always believe that your link building efforts are aimed towards building quality incoming links naturally. Paid links may give you a short term boost in terms of rankings, but they are of no good in long run and may harm your websites authority in the eyes of Google.

5.       We are done with SEO, now what to do?

This is absolutely wrong. SEO campaign can never be considered as “complete”, as there are always some room for improvement. People consider SEO as a one-time activity, but it is not. On page SEO might get completed very soon, but off page activities are an on-going process and may continue as long as your website is live on internet. You should concentrate on keep building quality content to update your users as well as search engine spiders.

6.       Search Spider reads only text, hence Images and Videos are non-SEO friendly

Big NO on this one. Images and videos make your website content rich, don’t hesitate to use them and make your website more and more interesting for your users. Furthermore you can optimize the images and videos by using alt tags, title tags and description which give you more room to add your keywords in the web page.

7.       Sitemaps Helps in better rankings

This is not true. Sitemaps are important to make it easy for both the spiders and the users easily find your web pages. But they won’t affect your organic SEO. You must use them but don’t rely on them too much for better rankings.

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