The following basic SEO tips won’t help you to gain the hard/competitive keywords alone, but they would definitely help in achieving success in long tail keywords (easy SERPs) without the need for expensive off site link building campaigns.

SEO Tip – Title Tags

Don’t miss out on creating distinctive title tags for your webpage. The Search Engines like to see unique title tags as each page should be showing something different. You should make title tags descriptive, and there should be also keywords in the title tag.

SEO Tip – Meta Description Tags

Although the meta description tag has no ranking value in Google, the meta tag provide the search engines with a summary of what the webpage is about and it might use it as a snippet for your pages SERPs (like an ad). Keywords should be included here, but not SEO spam and you have an option to write more characters here than the title tags. Ensure that your meta description tag describes the page properly and that it is related to the content on the page.

SEO Tip – SEO Friendly URLs

You should be creating explanatory names for each of your webpage separating keywords with hyphens (-) like you see for this article This helps the search engines like Google to determine what the webpage is about. Vague pages and URLs are confusing and are difficult to memorize. The friendlier you make your URLs to search engine spiders, more relevant your webpage becomes.

SEO Tip – Quality Content is King

SEO Tip - Quality Content is King
For your webpage to succeed it is imperative that you write engaging and quality content. Quality and informative content is considered to be more pertinent and the search engines prefer to show the most appropriate results for a particular keyword or key phrase. Your website content can heavily influence your website and is one amongst the main factors that determine your rank with search engines. A good and well written content would help you build the reputation for your website with the users and search engines are going to recognize this. On top of that, if you are going to consistently update “good” content, it would also aid in boosting your website’s relevance.

SEO Tip – Headers H1, H2, H3…

It is also extremely essential to ensure that your header tags are accurately describing your webpage. The H1 header is the title of the content or article and explains what the page is all about. Also, as the header tags ends up making the text size of a page bigger, this gives an indication to the user that this particular text is important.