In this modern era, it is a common belief that “bigger is always better”. It may be true for most of the things but not for everyone. Search Marketing also known as SEO is one of the major exceptions to this statement. It is true that having sufficient amount of content on your website is absolutely vital but having too much of content can be extremely harmful too.

Content is king

If you have been in internet marketing for any time, you would definitely know about Bounce rate. When a user visits your website from Google, Google tends to track how long the user stayed on your website and what other pages of your website they visited. This is a well known fact that longer the people stay on your webpage, higher you will be ranked for your keywords. Google considers bounce rate as an indicator of how well the content on your website is. If your website has great, informative, useful, fresh and to the point, the user will surely be interested in staying on your website for much longer.

In today`s mind set, if you have a page with 1000s of words on it, there is huge chance that your user will close your site even before start reading your content, as people don’t like reading very long text. If you really want to be successful and make sure that both the visitors and the search engines like your website make sure that your content is crystal clear, to the point and highly organized.

SEO Campaign is considered successful only when an SEO professional is able to show Google, Bing and other major search engines that your site contains valuable and up-to-date content for the users related to their search query. Google says that content must be fresh and valuable to the users, but this “valuable” has its own meaning if you dig down a bit. Even though Google does not give straight instructions on how to optimize a website but few things become pretty obvious by seeing the successful websites. A website having no content on a website gives search spiders an indication that this website is not good enough for the users. Same goes for web pages that contain huge or a lot of images, those pages are not considered as SEO friendly even if proper alt and title tags are used, and the image shows the purpose of the page perfectly. On the other hand having overly long text on a webpage is equally annoying for search spiders. Search engine spiders unorganized, disjointed and spun content that makes no sense and contains grammatical and spelling mistakes. Similarly, people don’t want to read a 4000 words article to know about their problem. They need a efficiently presented information that addresses their problems very easily. Having a lot of content on your page increases the chance of missing out the most important part of the page that answers the users question. This will result in a website that is filled with content becoming useless and junk for search engines and will start dropping in the SERPs.