blogging tipsBeing a successful blogger is different from being an effective blogger. Some “successful” ones might be doing some black hat tricks to keep their position at the top. An effective blogger is capable of staying afloat and getting acknowledged by others simply for the work that you do to keep the blog solid. Here are some great blogging tips to get you started with your effective blogging venture.

Consistency is necessary

Blogging is like eating. You do it in intervals but you do it every day. As much as each meal are necessary for your body, each blog post should be substantial and relevant to the readers by means of either informing, entertaining, persuading or a combination of all. You have to be ready to write a lot. Have your computer on at specific times and always jot down notes about everything. Sometimes even crazy, simple things could be a source of good material.

Write for the web, not for print

As much as you want to fill the post for the day with 2000 words of well paced content, only a select number of readers are patient enough for it. If the topic requires lengthy analysis, break it down to a series and link each other so that the readers can make more sense of the topic. It is also great to boost your internal link building. In fact, why not publish the first half in a directory or in another related blog? That way, the readers will be interested to follow the series as you fill your blog with more content.

Blogs evolve and you should too

Since we are working on information, you have to know that most information and topics go old on the web and therefore, it is always crucial to grow, learn and expand. Just like eating, blogs enable the site to grow and flourish and develop its unique voice and personality. As you grow further and your audience becomes more visible and not anymore keeping themselves anonymous, you adjust and try to uncover even more ground to keep growing.

Stay focused, persistent and consistent

There are no miracles in blogs. Only hard work. So called overnight success happened after many years of marketing, writing and enhancing of the blog. They also keep their niche solid and they write about what really matters to them and they continue to grow with it. If you keep these blogging tips at heart, you might find yourself fulfilled with what you do and eventually become a truly effective blogger.