For any business, whenever there is this desire to expand, it is also necessary to expand your team. There is always that point in any growing business when they cannot do anything anymore and they have to find someone that can offer good service for that specific job. Therefore, it requires some human resources management skill to find a new member of your team.

The interview

Do a review of the resume of the applicant and write down some relevant questions based on what they have written on their application letter or resume. Always keep a neutral ground. Do not be judgmental externally. Therefore, you have to give equal chances to everybody if you want to find the perfect candidate. Analyze once you have all the questions answered. It is also necessary to be organized with the process. Bad choices can be made due to bad preparation. Lastly, know how to probe and get the answers that you want.


You staff members are not computers. Each member of the team will react differently on different occasions and they will feel stressed in certain conditions. It is good practice to pay attention to the needs of others. It is advantageous also to develop an appraisal scheme so that everybody can get a feedback on how they are doing. Set up feedback sessions per project and have a standard 1 month, 6 month and annual feedback. It is also good to add the appraisal every year. Any employee will also not want to feel that they are stuck on a dead end job. Be sure that you offer them training and development be it skill related, or maybe business related. Lastly, motivate them with some perks and keep a healthy working atmosphere.


Always document all records of your employees from under performance, rules broken, and number of absences. Written records are very necessary to have written proof about everybody’s performance. It is necessary to not just state what factors led to this situation. Be sure that you tell them areas for improvement to ensure good results at the end of the day. Follow the standards and guidelines that govern accepting and firing employees. We have seen issues like discrimination, sexism and racism as great business shakers in a bad way. Lastly, be sensitive while keeping composure.