The world today enables us to work not only at a desk in an office but also in the virtual world. Many of us have made our first attempt by creating a website and throwing it to the wild internet world. However, the results were not as we expected. There are different tips on how to be able to monetize your website but we have chosen five of them.

CPM Advertising Networks

With a CPM (cost per mile), you will be paid for the number of page views that the ads you place on your website generates. For example if the ads on your site generate, let’s say 300,000 page views with a $1.00 CPM on a monthly basis then you will be making $300. Keep in mind that depending on the network, the rates are subject to be different. The more prestigious the network is, the higher the rate. Some of the best-known CPM networks are Casale Media, Value Click, and Tribal Fusion.

Text Link Ads

These are very simple to use and implement. They are ads made up of only text hence the name was based. One of the positive things about it is that it’s not invasive and you can sell them on your own website or make use of them in specialized networks such as Digital Point Link Sales Forum and Text-Link-Brokers.

PPC Advertising Networks

Monetize Website

Monetize Website

Similar to CPM but perhaps more popular, PPC also depends on the traffic that the website generates. You sign up with a known network and then place code snippets on your site. The network will supply contextual ads that are pertinent to your website and you will earn a certain rate per click. This of course depends on the traffic that the website will drive because the more clicks mean the more money you will make. Some of the best PPC networks known are Google Adsense, BidVertiser, and Clicksor.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular practices done over the internet, this method enables a person that is willing to allow other people sell its products or services paying a commission. The potential customers are drawn in using different tools such as text links, reviews, or banners. Some of the best affiliate marketing networks are Commission Junction, ClickBank and Share A Sale.

Private Forums

This technique is only viable if you have valuable information that the customers are willing to pay for. There are tons of different free forums but you can still create a private one where a person will have to pay a fee in order to become a member. An example is SEO Blackhat (I do not recomend anything blackhat), which charges $100 a month to its member however, they provide them with a wide selection of secret techniques and tools that are valuable to them. Some of the known private forums are vBulletin (paid) and phpBB (free).