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In political and military strategy, the term Divide and Conquer pertains to the larger, stronger force, dividing the enemy into less powerful sections in order to conquer them. In business, it is possible to utilize this method but in a less bloody and more productive manner right inside your organization.


Delegation is the process of identifying “independent units” that can be handled simultaneously for a common goal. The concept of division here is mainly for the purpose of making it easier for the units to identify their roles in the business while ensuring that they are aware of their goals. So how to delegate?

  • Create a set of goals that need to be met by the team. Set a prescribed work flow as to how the whole process will happen. Will this be simultaneous? Will there be a series or waves of procedures? Understanding the flow of the project and the main goals is necessary to ensure that the project is clear to everybody.
  • Choose the teams based on their skills, not by anything else. Choose team leaders or point persons and from there you can set a meeting with them to choose the members of the team, or if you have a small group, you can easily figure out the process in which the job will be implemented.
  • It is all about trust. Someone who cannot trust their own team will not be able to delegate properly.
  • Talk to each team or unit about their strategy and how it will affect or help other units to accomplish their tasks. It is necessary to know if all of you are on the same page in the project.
  • How to delegate is a managerial skill, a task that requires good people skills and good knowledge of your people’s abilities, limitations and from there, you can project the various aspects that could affect the project.


Once the whole project is ready for application, learn to coordinate with the team and always be on your toes for any setbacks that could happen. Be sure that your team always has a backup plan in order to mitigate any unfortunate events that could happen.