Luxury brands, particularly lifestyle brands (wines, watches, clothes, bags, shoes, etc) all share the qualities of exclusivity and prestige and even with their prominence in the common world; there is still that element of exclusion. So how do we, common consumers, can understand how these brands survive recession and manage to reach even bigger markets and grow even stronger in the last few years? In the news we have been seeing companies after companies exploring the potential of Asia particularly Central, South East and the Southwestern regions?

The resilience of the mighty brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermes are focused on their heritage and tradition without alienating themselves of trends and interim demands of the demanding clients. Yes, they do offer high fashion but the most successful brands know the importance of diversity and this is where they put their money on. Companies like Dior and Chanel are notable for their uncompromisingly beautiful clothing but has set forward to take over the accessories business, something that Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci has dominated in the last century or so. The companies put their money in exploring licenses for fragrances, labeling different lifestyle items from dog collars, bikes, to make up and skin care. Let’s face it; a $75 foundation from Dior is a lot more enticing than a $$5000 blouse. Nonetheless, both are incredibly impeccable.

So how do they do it? It’s simple: this is where tried and tested comes into the picture. A brand that has not much to prove anymore when it comes to consistency and craftsmanship will definitely be the epitome of standards for the rest. With incredible publicity and marketing mechanisms, luxury brands are able to play the mass consumer game by offering desire in a more forgivable price from makeup, skin care, shoes, and bags and then maybe, when you reached that pinnacle of success, be able to wear a nice Chanel suit while holding a Hermes Kelly. Luxury companies are aspirational and that is why the ladder always goes up in the battle of prominence in fashion and lifestyle market. With a small scarf, a nice pouch or a spritz of eau de parfum, you are transformed into the secret but not so secret world of luxury.