Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t employ people to browse through the millions of websites across the internet and index the pages on them, search engines use robots (bots) or search engine spiders to access the different websites on the internet.

It’s an essential part of SEO that you must know how search engine robots reads a website, here are four easy steps that will guide you through the process.

Search Engine Spiders robots.txt Usage

Search Engine RobotsOnce a search engine bot arrives to your site the first thing it will look for is the file named robots.txt. The robots.txt file can pass on instructions to these search engine spiders on what are the places you need these bots to crawl or not to crawl and index.

Meta Tags SEO

After checking through the robots.txt file robots will then move on to read the meta title tag and meta description tag which will be used for indexing your pages, some search engines do not look for all meta tags (meta keywords tag is ignored by Google for example) due to recent spamming in the meta tags section, search engines now start to avoid them and give more importance to the title tag and meta description tag.

Search Engines Index Quality Content

Thirdly the bots move to the actual content that is everything that you find between the body section in your webpage, just be aware that if you are using any frames, tables in your content area then bots might not crawl through them and also robots have lower capacity to crawl through javascript and flash over HTML so its better to have a webpage that is designed with HTML and other programs over flash and javascript. Also take into account Google does have the ability to determine the quality of your content, so always provide high quality content: in SEO content is king after all.

Avoid a Duplicate Content Penalty

Finally the bots will check if the contents posted on your blog resembles the contents in some other location in their search engine database and prioritize your index accordingly, if your contents are duplicate to some other contents on the web then there is a chance that your rankings for that particular page will be low or it will be included in the supplementary index. In other words don’t copy another websites content, Google in particular are very good at determining who owns the content.

Had any problems with search engine robots like Googlebot (Google’s search engine bot), why not comment below and share your SEO experience with others…