For my first post on this new blog we will be going over how to find exact searched domain names.

Why would you want to know the exact search amount while searching for a new domain name? This is good information to know when looking for a new domain name for a small niche or micro site. It is also good if you would like to flip that domain and make a little money. If you can find a domain with a decent exact monthly local search the chances of you ranking very high if not number one for that search is very good.

Your first step before picking any domain name is to visit the Google Keyword Tool. This is the best free tool you can use in researching keywords. I would not trust any other site, Google is the “Big Dog” and you will not find better.

I would suggest starting a Google account if you do not already have one before using the tool. Though you can use it without signing in, it will save you time and the tool will provide you with a Approximate CPC (cost per click). This will give you an idea of what Google Adsense ads might pay on a site using those keywords.

The Google Keyword Tool defaults using Broad search setting and can give you misleading results. On the left side bar of the keyword page you will find “Match Type Options”. These give you the choices of broad, exact and phrase. By selecting the broad and exact options the results of the keywords you search will give you how many people search that exact keyword phrase you entered and a broad search volume of keywords used. The broad can give you an idea if you are on the right track with your subject or if is not worth messing with.

So once you found a hot niche subject your results will look like this

How To Find Exact Searched Domain Names

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As you can see in the top left of the picture we have both Broad and [Exact] selected. Under search terms you have the broad searched first and under that you have the [exact]. When searching for exact searched keywords the broad is useless. It can show you that people are searching for weight loss though. The exact search above only has 110 Global and  46 local monthly searches. If you are looking for a good exact domain then this would not be a good choice.

In the below example is my domain.

How To Find Exact Searched Domain Names

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As you can see in the picture above when researching a domain for a micro site I ran into this domain. Only using the “Broad” match type on the left side bar I thought I found a hidden gem. Once I found out I have been researching exact searched domains wrong for well over a year I felt, well, like an ass. I kept the domain and using it for this blog as a reminder of how important it is to do everything in your power to have up to date good information.

I’m are not saying that you need to have a good exact match domain name to rank well with Google. That will all depend on your content. An exact match domain can do wonders for a small micro site though and people pay good money if you find one worth buying.