Choosing a the right business and retail location for you is a very important business decision, do you need a bricks and mortar retail location with it’s high associated costs or could you run your business in a less traditional location?

Online Retail Business Model

This online retail sector is probably one of the fastest growing business sector of them all. For most online retailers, the accessories sector seems to be benefiting since there are less problems for consumers to buy a bag or a pair of earrings online. The sizing issue may still play an important role, but not essentially for accessories.

For bags for example, by setting the dimensions and giving pictures of people handling the accessories or the bag, it is a lot easier to make choices. E-boutiques can be quite pricey and requires tons of marketing to become popular so for starters, you can choose sites like Fashion Republic to promote your brand and sell your products online.

Running a Fashion Business with Private Clients

Many fashion labels begin creating one off clothes to specific customers or they may offer limited runs of their collections. They offer made to measure services to allow specific designs and styles to be fitted perfectly on the customers. This service is great if you have clients who are willing to spend more on specially made clothing and if they want something unique. It is also flexible but it can be quite difficult to do this on your own so having your own workshop is necessary and a team of workers to handle the details.

Running a Fashion Business

Business Location Choices : Consumer Shows

You participate in consumer shows by setting up a small business stall. It requires capital. It is necessary to not go too much with your spending since you can create a stall that looks simple, but can offer something unique for your target market. You might want to check out shows and then start planning for one the following year. Look at the stalls that make the most audience and retail sales.

Business Location Choices : Trunk Shows

If you have enough money to find a venue where your collection will be well received, then do so. Advertise the event and set a date where everybody can drop by. If you are a big name, young designer, hot stores like Bergdorf Goodman or Barneys can offer their space to have your trunk show and do the advertising for them. If you are starting out, you need to make a good Impression but make sure that you have it planned very well.