Better working environment

If you work on a pigsty, you will get crap for output. If you work in an environment that allows them to become more efficient, then you see productivity. Your workers are not asking you to have a working environment with gaming rooms, massive cafeterias, bouquets of flowers and hot sauna baths for relaxation since we described a mall, not a working environment; one of the ways to motivate employees is to make sure that they have enough space to move, well lit rooms, good computers and ergonomic seats.

Employee Motivation

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Education and training

No one wants to feel that they are stuck on a dead end job that feeling demotivates any employee. Find training programs as well as educational opportunities that will give your employees more options to better themselves and their skills. No one wants to feel like they are doing the same thing over and over again. By utilizing training programs and personal enrichment trainings, they will become more motivated since they are learning more than what they are doing.

One on One management

Coaching employees one on one is a good way to really motivate them. If you learn to spend some time with them at work and see their progress, you will be able to show them that you actually care. You do not need to set a special training session here. If you see that one is finding difficulties with some tasks, approach them and tell them your 2 cents about these things. This gives them the motivation to move forward and become excellent.

Reward system

It may not be in the form of cash since that is a very sensitive matter but let us say one team succeeded in beating the quota. A pizza for the team is a nice treat. Some gift certificates maybe? Things that will boost them to try a little bit harder are great. The best form of reward? Appreciation. Someone who knows how hard it was for the team to reach that goal needs to be appreciated. Someone who has worked spectacularly will benefit from non-cash rewards. Be creative with the rewards so that they will always look forward to it. Maybe ask them some nice options so that next time, they will really work harder for it.