The check can be a very complicated piece of paper to fill out for those not familiar with writing a check.

Lacking one important element like the date or signature could mean disaster!

You have to be able to write a check effectively so that you will not get into trouble missing out an important details such as the amount, the correct date or the signature.

If you make a mistake filling out a check the payment may not go through and this could result in bank charges for a late payment for example. So double check your checks, pun intended :-)

Writing a Check

How to Write a CheckHere are elements you have to fill out and what to write on them.

Write the Check Date

First, write the date.
It depends how you prefer writing it.
Make sure that the numbers are legible.
You could write the current date or you could also write the future date for the post-dated ones.

The Check Payee : Who Cashes the Check

Next, write the name of the payee.
Again, make sure that it was written legibly.
It could be the name of a person or a company or an organization the check is payable to.

Check Amount in $s

On the side of the payee’s name, there is a box with a Dollar sign ($) this is where you place the numerical value of the amount that will be paid to the payee, for example 100.00—- for one hundred dollars: we can add a line— to stop more numbers being added.
Be legible and clarify it by writing the comma (for larger dollar amounts like 1,100.00 for one thousand, one hundred dollars) and period clearly to avoid confusion.

Write the Check Amount in Words

On the next space, you will have to write the amount in words.
If there is a decimal, write it in a fractional form such as 99/100 for 99 cents, or 50/100 for fifty cents.
After the fraction, draw a straight line reaching the end of the line which ends in the word “Dollars”.
For example $100.00 could be written One hundred dollars only—————-. We add the line so no additional words can be added.
For example $1,150.26 could be written One thousand, one hundred and fifty dollars and 26 cents———–
Note it’s OK to write the cents in number form.

Check Instructions

At the bottom, you will find a space where you can place information or instructions.
It could be a reminder why this check is being made or what purposes it serves.

Signing a Check

The lower right section is where you write your signature.

Update your checkbook on the bank and this will make the check ready to use when the person goes to the bank to take the cash.