The unemployment rate in the US is at a stubbornly high rate and the job market is sluggish. Both the people who are out of work and who are still employed are looking for ways to boost their declining income with a small online business, so they have enough money to make ends meet.

There are many consumers in the US who are resorting to credit card consolidation companies as they aren’t able to make the minimum monthly payments on their multiple credit cards. With the large number of potential online business ideas that are motivating people to make money and pay off their debt obligations, is it time you started your own online business?

Read on to know some of the lucrative business ideas that you can choose to make money without the need for a large initial investment.

Small Business Ideas

Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas

Start off with affiliate marketing: One of the most common and productive ventures of online money making are through affiliate marketing and best of all it’s free to participate. You don’t have to design your own product, instead promote the products or services of another companies that have put the hard work into creating a business product or service and get paid for every customer you provide them.

You just need to maintain a separate website even a free WordPress blog or Blogger blog, learn the basics of search engine marketing strategies (SEM strategies) that can boost search engine traffic to the merchant company and also boost your affiliate returns.

Take affiliate marketing to another level and invest in your own domain and use self-hosted WordPress (can be as little as $5 a month) to promote affiliate products.

Take a read of how you can make money as an Amazon affiliate for example.

Website Design Business Ideas

Website design: Did you complete your website design course from a reputable institution? If you did and if you’re still sitting idle at home due to some unfortunate reason, you can start off with your own website design business that can help you earn a good living online.

There are lots of webmasters who look for website designers who can give a classy and professional look to their website that can attract a larger number of online eyeballs. With a large number of business firms working online, there is a lot of scope for budding web designers. You can get in touch with them and start off a negotiation deal.

Web Hosting Business Ideas

Web hosting business: Are you aware that no website can run without a web host? So, if you’re keen on making money, you can start off with a web hosting business as this is certainly going to be smash hit idea.

Yes, you may require lot of funds for accumulating the equipments, the server and the manpower, but once you get on the right track, you can make huge yields. Don’t have the funds, start with a reseller hosting account, with this option there’s no large up front investment and if it goes well you can tie up with a trustworthy web hosting company in order to start off your business.

So, when your personal debt level is spiraling out of control and you don’t have too many options to get out of debt, you should look for ways to boost your monthly income via an online business. Instead of running to the professional credit card consolidation companies, you should try out ways to boost your income and then use the proceeds in repaying your debts on your own.