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When you have your own website and want everyone to see it across the globe, then you want your site to have good web hosting. When you hear the term ‘web hosting’ it refers to the process of enabling a site to be seen online from a web server. Web hosting companies provide the needs for websites to run and use a server to do it. In this articles we will go over hosting features and how to choose the best web hosting for what you need. Believe it or not, your hosting does play a role in seo. It is always good to go with larger known hosting companies like HostGoator or GoDaddy as they have a very high up time.

Web Hosting Features –

You can find thousands of good web hosting services if you go online and search, but even with all these available companies you need to get some basic specific features from them. You want to get plenty of disk space, which is the total amount of space you have available for storing files and data on your hard drive. You also need certain amount of bandwidth, depending on what your site is about and what it needs. You need email accounts for running your business and communicating with the various parts of it.

How To Choose The Best –

You can find various types of web hosting online that suit your budget. Here is a list to help you understand what your options are:

Shared – this is where you share your hosting on the same server with many other websites. The host will manage as well as monitor this server to keep things running smoothly. It is a lot more affordable than other types of hosting but you don’t get as many benefits and features that your site might need.

Dedicated – This is very different from shared hosting. This is way more sophisticated and dependable. It is able to handle everything your site requires and leaves you in total control. It costs more but gives many benefits and features that businesses need and like.

Free – This type is alright for a small business that doesn’t need much expense to start off, but the obvious thing is the ‘free’ component. It does not deliver the functionality of a successful website. So changing later can be a good idea.

Co-Located – In case there is a time when you don’t need these kinds of features, then it’s entirely possible to build a customized server of your own and place it in your chosen data center or provider. This means you can buy a server from either Dell or Gateway or some other seller and then supply this to your host. A key feature of this is that it enables you to access the data center and specific network infrastructure to make the functions work at peak performance.

Managed – This type of hosting gives you many of the same features as dedicated hosting like monitoring, reporting, security, system administration, updates, and load balancing.

No matter which one you choose it’s wise to check out the pros and cons of each option. Your success level will depend on it.