Before internet existed, the most effective way to advertise your company was through the word of mouth. Making one customer happy meant that he or she would go back home and recommend your product or service. Without having to pay that happy customer and perhaps without even knowing it, they were generating more sales for the seller or provider. This same principle happens with forum and blog posting.

Forums provide a great way for you to interact with other people and potential customers. Joining a forum is the first step that you need to take. However, make sure that you join forums that are relevant to the product you’re trying to sell. For example, if you’re selling cell phones, don’t join a forum for scrapbooking. Once you’re signed up and set, try to make a name of yourself. Having a good reputation means that your word has significance in the online world. Always keep in mind that each forum has its own terms and conditions, make sure to read them in order to avoid being banned or expulsed.

forum backlinks that work for seo.

Always use forum signatures for your backlinks (without spamming)

You can place banners or text links (if allowed) in your profile information or even in your signature. This means that every time that you post something, you will be revealing these ads to potential customers. You can also contact the members of the forum management via PM because they are the ones that can help you move the next level. Thus, have constant interaction with them to the point where they would be willing to provide a review of your website or product.

Blog commenting gains backinks to your site seo.

Add comment to blogs to gain backlinks.

Almost the same thing happens with a blog. You can subscribe with blogs that are known to post articles or information that are relevant to your website. Also, try to target those that have the most comments because that means more traffic and more people. When you join, try to use an attractive username that will catch the attention of other bloggers or internet marketers.

Constant blog commenting will allow you to actually start and maintain a relationship with the visitors. This will allow you to bond with them and later drive them to your online business. It is important that you have outlined a plan because if you start blogging with no apparent direction, chances are your efforts will show no results. Determine what your goal is because it can be just to drive traffic to your website or it might be that you want the visitors to actually try and review your service.

Once you have started some traffic or interest, it is important that you keep track of what the results are. You must keep track of the progress you’re making, to see what you need to improve or how it is to be more successful.

Keep in mind that you must have patience for the results to show. Always stay in touch with the community and make sure to stick with the plans that you have determined in your outline.

Here is a good video about how comment posting can help your site: