Message and attitude

If you start creating a product that has immediate recognizable attitude and message, it will resonate much stronger to your clientele. Also, if you are establishing a label, you need to find that voice that distinguishes you from other brands. If a buyer sees your product in a showroom or online, he will immediately get the idea and the message of your brand and it gives him a clearer idea if it works for his store or if it is worthy to be marketed outside. When you identify your mark as early as you can, it will be a lot better however, for most brands, it takes around 2 years to firmly establish their presence and really identify the true message of their products.



A message is good but a UNIQUE message is better. That takes a lot more soul searching for a product creator. It seems so easy but in fact, it takes a real soul searching to find out what makes your piece of pad paper unique from other pad paper. What makes your pair of heels unique and why should people buy it? When you identify that unique selling point, you can pretty much identify what will be your identifying marks. Maybe your pad paper has the strenght of cotton or maybe your shoes offer heel protection though they are 7 inches high. It is all about what sets it apart that will make it more sellable.


Commercial appeal

Luxury has become more commercial than ever but that does not mean the quality has lowered. When we say commercial appeal, it is all about finding that perfect mix that will appeal to a wider public. A product with commercial appeal sells and advertises much better. As much as special orders are fine and lovely, the real selling point for any brand in the world are the ones that are ready made and are ready to buy. Therefore, it is a really complicated mix of bringing creativity into the table while at the same time, ensuring that the product will make sense to the market. It is a balancing act but when you make the perfect mix, it will be easier now to move up a higher notch to your target market.