Imagine a building that was made without building blueprints. How will they be able to effectively create a feat of design and engineering without the numbers, the dimensions and the specific requirements to make it sturdy? The same goes in a business. Running a business requires similar “building blueprints” that will guide the business to reach the top. Who is drawing blueprints? How do you start a business? A more valid question would be what it takes to actually run a business. By understanding the foundations of your business architecture, it is easier to move up from one level to another.

You cannot learn with just tiptoeing around

Being careful is good for start ups. No one wants to look like a fool. However, being too careful can make one more of a fool than wise. There are some things that we need to risk. We sometimes need to be embarrassed and sometimes, we have to fall down. The wise thing to do is learn from mistakes and eventually discover a new opportunity waiting for you. The startups will have different kinds of risks to take but it takes some courage to brave the risks and discover dead ends and clear paths to the business.

Working on something you are passionate about

There are some things that we hate doing but we stick to doing so since we feel that it is just how business is. However, at the end of the day, if you are handling a personal business with unclear lens, you will not be able to improve its direction and end up as a failure. You might need the help of a manager and team to keep it afloat but then again, if you do not have a clear vision about this business, then there is no direction and it is just a waste of time. You have some skills on something; you think there is a market for it. Again, brave the waters and start somewhere. You might be surprised about the demand for those skills.

Learning to assert yourself

A business needs motivation and it needs money. Motivation enables one to go past the so called roadblocks. However, it also needs money. Being assertive is necessary in order to manage things and to get tasks done. Learn how to be self motivated and to be perceptive of the needs of the business. By doing so, you will be able to find greater pleasure in doing the job since you can see the direction and you are able to push your ideals and vision for the business.

Do not quit

When the right time comes to quit, think about it and then proceed. There are many risks in running a business but if you believe in something and you feel that you just need some more to get the business in good shape, and then do it. Quitting without any context is not good but if there is a need to quit, then so be it. Just, do not quit on you dream and continue with a new business.