Comment on Search Engine Optimization Facts by SEO Tips.

SEO is not getting harder, but in last couple of years in the name of SEO the spamming we have done that forced Google to update their algorithm every other day with so many penalties.

Since the beginning Google has a clear guideline about SEO, but people started to do tricks and thinks that they are more intelligent than the people making the algorithm.

The present scenario is just the outcome of all those unethical method we have tried to rank top in Google and now we are blaming and saying that Google made it difficult, that’s not fair.

Irrespective of various Google’s update, even today the moral of the story remains same what it was at the beginning that is:

1. Quality Content
2. Quality Backlinks

That’s it…

If you are capable to take care of these two SEO factors you never need to bother about any update, and you will always rank top.