Search engine optimization (SEO) as we know can be referred to a process that helps the search engines find and rank your site on the basis of responses to a search query. There are certain strategies, which can enable you to rank high on search engine that will automatically lead to traffic on your site.

The strategies are something like this:

Blogging: Add a Blog content if you haven’t already. Blogging helps you connect with your audience and if your blog contents are good, the new visitors are most likely to become regular visitors, and the regular visitors might just share your blog with their friends sharing same interest. The most important thing that would make your blog unique is the activity level, the more activity in your blog, the more hits it is suppose to get, another few important things would be Comments, Fresh content, HTML contents etc.

Keywords:  Keywords play an important role in your sites visibility on the search engine. SEO keywords are those that you use on your articles which help the search engine bots to determine the usefulness and relevance of your page/site. However, “the more the use of the keywords the more the visibility’ is totally a wrong principle. The so-called keyword density (the amount of keywords used in your article) should be within 3-5%, if it somehow gets more than 5% it might be considered as a spam, and it will lead to a negative effect which will end up being showed in the ranking.

Linked back: Another way to rank high in search engines is to get linked to and from other sites. Search engines tend to rank those sites high that are linked by other well-known sites. So,  if you can manage someone to get linked back by a well-known site, it is most likely to catch the attention. Doing this isn’t that hard, there are few options – you can pay if the site has that option or you can strike a friendship with the site owner and you can link his site on your own site and expect the favor back.

Sitemap/Home Page/Navigation menu is another important factor, having those on your site helps not only the visitors but also the search engine spiders to find and go through the contents of your site; it helps to spread your site’s authority scores.

Black Hat Techniques are those unwise techniques like Keyword stuffing which might bring your site a sudden temporary rise in traffic but it will eventually not last and your site might end up being banned from the search engine so it’s better not to try those.

This would be the basic and most important strategies and techniques of SEO to boost the traffic for your site.