Trends can be great but it can also be tacky. There is a certain curve when looking at trends. Bell bottoms were once called trendy. Ultra skinny jeans for men and women were popular as well. However, in setting a fashion company, in a business aspect, is it really that important? Let us find out.

It is based on customers

Which market are you actually targeting? There are times when focusing too much on fast fashion and not investing on real classic pieces that can last will have an effect to your business and your branding. If you are all about fast fashion, your branding will only be as fast as then next trend becomes passe. For a fashion business, it is very important to appeal to the needs of customers but it is also necessary to create that unique identifying trait that will make your brand appealing to the market season after season and you can bank on other trends only as a supplement to your brand expansion.


When it comes to becoming trend driven, there is a great divide between the high street and big brand companies. They are deemed as early influencers and smaller companies like you may be considered as adopters or copycats. If you will be following trends, be sure to analyze the competition and study it really well. Is it really proper to implement trends to your store? If you put a lot of work in building your image through your goods, it may be more advantageous to study if it works best for your needs. Also, do not put all your eggs in just one basket since it could have a big effect on the sales.

There are some trends that can work

Color, print, sizes and styling are extremely advantageous in some cases. If this season, bold and bright colors as well as color blocking a la Mondrian is strong, and you feel that your market has a feel for color, then introducing seasonal colors and trends can be really advantageous. Changing up the styling can also be advantageous to offer something unique and fresh to your market. As much as you want to build your line, it is necessary to also adapt to some extent to ensure that the business is successful. Learn to experiment but do not stray away from your real focus.