When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you need to understand the role of Off-Page SEO. This form of SEO brings you organic traffic. It consists of the people who search for their information and products and find your website through the search engines. It has been seen that organic traffic is targeted and therefore brings more buyers than any other form of traffic generator. This makes it crucial for you to put a lot of emphasis on this kind of traffic.

Backlinks are also very important for Off-Page SEO. Without backlinks your site will experience a lack of visitors. Backlinks carry lots of weight with search engines. This is where you paste your html code on somebody else’s site. If you are able to acquire a link from any webpage that ranks high with Google then they will probably give you more credit that it would if you obtained one that ranked lower with Google.

It’s important to obtain high page ranking site links back to your website. Google holds these links in high regard. They view them as ‘votes’ and a sign of your site’s popularity. Google and Yahoo want their search result pages to deliver the most relevant answer to their search engine queries. With the help of backlinks these search engines are better able to obtain more traffic themselves.

You have several methods of obtaining backlinks from websites. Some of these are article marketing, social bookmarking, reciprocal linking, forum posting, blog posting, ebook creation, etc.

Off page seo

Off page seo

To check the popularity of your website just go to a  link popularity site and make use of their free tools to check it, the best way to check how many backlinks you have is by using the Google Webmaster Tool. The higher your link popularity is, the higher your page rank is going to be. Building link popularity involves raising more backlinks pointing back to your site. Before you start a link building campaign it would be a good idea to read what Google says about using illegitimate methods of linking.

For you to accomplish the best Off-Page SEO work you need to be able to ensure your content is unique, original, relevant, and informative. If you content is high quality, the other webmastes won’t mind linking to your website.

One of the best ways of conducting Off-Page SEO is through article marketing. You can find several good article directories where you can submit your articles. You can share your link in your resource box within your articles and get good traffic back to your site. Some of these article submission websites hold very high page ranks with search engines. This gives you plenty of link juice for ranking higher.