How can something as simple as a word, graphic or brand logo that represents a business have so much influence on the success of that business?

To answer that question, it is necessary to understand how businesses work in a competitive environment and why strategic branding is so important.

Brand Marketing Strategy

Your goal as a business is to become a unique commodity. This is why marketing, design and brand consultation are very important. Creating a brand logo or a graphic for a business transforms it into an entity, not just a random vendor of goods.


For a small business, branding is a necessary step in its marketing strategy.

Let’s face the facts, the only difference of one small business to another is how they market their goods.

Vendor A and B both offer similar products, say, beauty products. Understanding the importance of a good branding strategy, Vendor A pushes its marketing and publicity, brand labeling products and highlighting its unique features. Vendor B continues with its lackluster strategy.

Online Brand Awareness

Positioning the business through effective online branding has become quintessential due to the Internet. Nowadays, a company won’t survive a day without positioning itself as a unique entity by building brand awareness.

When Vendor A decided to take a unique position for the brand, it immediately already has a unique value. It might have cost considerable investments to build its brand positioning, but given the competitive nature in the beauty industry, proper branding is a wise decision to drive more sales.

However, simple labels, logos and fancy graphics do not make a brand.

Building Brand Loyalty

So how does a simple graphic or word impact a business?

Well, barely, unless you can build brand loyalty. It is the substance, value and story of your branding that makes it different a generates customer loyalty. A superficial product like a cream or a shampoo of Vendor A is as simple as what Vendor B sells, but what really makes them different is what the story is about the product.

Brand Loyalty

Unless you have a sincere story or value regarding your brand, you will end up with nothing more than wasted effort.

The true value of branding is how the product or company is distinguished from others, not just with fancy graphics but also with a strong identity and a story to share, so your customers have a reason to be brand loyal.