A keyword is one of the primary reasons for the development of the internet over the past decades. Keywords are the words or phrases we type when we are searching for products, services and some answers on a search engine. It is significant that we cautiously select the right keywords for SEO. We should know what to use and how to use it, so we can be certain that we will be detected by searchers every time they look for something on a search engine.

Finding the correct keywords for your site is the 1st step for successful search engine optimization. In fact, you should choose keywords before starting the internet site and while developing each page, to get a better idea what to focus on in the content. Plucking out the right keywords is like deciding the correct ingredients in cooking. The wrong combination can make a difference to the search engines and not backing up keywords can result in penalizations.

There are two different types of keywords you want to incorporate in your site.

The first type is the long tail keyword, a keyword set of 3 or more words. These are the keywords that are easy to rank because of less competition. For example, instead of using the words “motor cycle” you would use the words “cheap motor cycle” or “economical motor cycle”, which are long tail keywords to increase the chance of ranking. If chosen and incorporated correctly, your internet site can rank these type of keywords in the first month.

The second type of keyword short tail keyword. This type takes longer to rank, but usually has much more search volume. When picking out a short tail keyword, you want to be sure it’s not impossible to rank, meaning you don’t need several years of work, as well as 20 people on the job to rank first page for it.

To choose good keywords, you find out the search volume, the raw results, the results for the exact keyword set and the results in the title of competing websites.

1) The search volume is found by typing in the keyword in your favorite keyword tool.

2) Then you take the keyword and type in Google and find the results (this result can go high).

3) Type the same keywords in quotes into the search box like this: “online business advertising”, to then find more accurate competing websites (under a million results is rank able within 6 months).

Remember that when you select the right keywords for SEO, it would be a great help when you do your research intensively.