Advertising is a skill. Some people are really good with words and some people need to discuss it in detail to make sense. With good advertising, you can create value to a product. A product on a good advertisement will look more enticing. If you are planning on writing an ad, here are some tips to create not only a good sounding ad but also an effective one.

advertising tips

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(TV and Radio)

Hard and Soft sell

TV and Radio advertising can be classified into two marketing formats: hardsell and softsell. The prior one is all about urgency, immediacy and blatant marketing. This is ideal for products that are new or are in hard competition. It can also be used to advertise sales, special promos and other stuff in which you want the audience to react quickly. Soft sell, on the other hand, focuses not on the purpose of directly selling a product but a way to remind them of your presence. Normally, emotional devices are used and it does not use the obvious way of selling. It is all about subtlety.

(Internet/banner ads)

The active voice

It is good practice to write advertisements in the active voice. The voice is the relationship of the verb with the subject or/and object. The position of the words can greatly affect the sentence. In the active voice, the subject is the doer of the action. If the subject becomes the target of the action, then it becomes passive. Writing in the active voice is ideal since it makes the sentences a lot more to the point. It also makes writing a lot faster since you do not write that much words. Advertising requires active voice since you need to be straight to the point.

Short but sweet

Keeping the number of words to the minimum is ideal. One way to do this effectively is to write down your main focus in creating and advertisement. Once you have written the, main elements of the advertising, you can easily identify the ways to shorten it and make it a lot more appealing. Sometimes, in some ads, you just need one word to make a point. Others, especially promos will require some extra details and will take more than 100 words to make sense. Do not be limited. As long as it effectively conveying the message without missing details or the entire goal of the ad, then you are good.

Creative writing

Hard sell may be straight to the point but it does not have to be literal. Advertising is a form of creative writing and must be given a little bit of creative flair. You do not have to be JK Rowling to do that. When we say creative, it means you know the best words to convey the message. You use these words and create the most effective impact. By doing so, you are making it more enticing to read. A good copy is easier to work with than a poorly written one. With a good copy, you can make more effective graphics or video or print ad.