It is everyone’s desire to avoid being under a boss. Don’t you think that it is good to start your own small business or try to work under somebody from home? The following is a list of businesses and jobs you could do from home. The list includes some of the best legitimate work at home jobs.

1. Become an e-Bay seller

If you have a good product to sell, one of the best ways to profit is to sell it on eBay. If you don’t have a product of your own, you can always sell products of others. The only thing you need is the ability to write good product descriptions.

2. Web Design

Web design is great work from home job. When you engage yourself in such a job you have two options. One is to join an online company as an employee while the other is to work in the capacity of a free lancer making your service available for others. In order to do this job you need to know computer languages and writing the HTML code.

3. Providing Consultation

If you have some expertise on any subject, you could easily sell that knowledge for anyone who thinks that he is able to use such knowledge to make money. You will make money by selling your knowledge. This in short is called the consultation. Consultation these days is a very lucrative way of earning because these are days that people look for knowledge. Consultation could be on any subject such as medical, personal life or business.

Job Requirement: In order to engage in a consultation service, you need to maintain your own office from where you could operate. Also you need to have the relevant equipment and the software required to engage in your consultation job.

4. Writing

Writing is a good job for you to do from home. You will have a lot of writing options. You could join a company and provide your services from there. Also you could be a freelancer and provide your service the same way. If you could write there are many job openings as a writer. You could write for print media as well as for electronic media. They include magazines when it comes to print media and e-newsletters which are electronic media. There are lots of opportunities for you to write and earn.

The only requirement to be a writer is to have goo innovative writing skills.

5. Virtual Assistant

It is quite normal for busy executives to have a personal assistant to do various tasks. The same way you can have a virtual personal assistant working over the internet. This is a good work from home job which has a good earning potential.

6. Transcription writing

It is essential to keep doctors’ recorded reports in written text for future reference. Therefore, there is a good demand for people who could write them. For this job with high potential for earning you only need a good speed on typing.

There could be many more ways to earn from home but the above are the best legitimate work at home jobs. You must always try to avoid engaging in illegitimate jobs such as gambling on the internet.