I wanted to create a post about a subject that I think is very important that people should already know, not everything on the internet it true. This is very important when it comes to learning SEO as a newbie. There are some people that think that they know it all, ones that still try to sell you pre-Google Panda ways of doing things and others that want you to fail. The fact that some people would want you to fail or make easy money off you should not be surprising. The fact is, is that if a person finds something that works well for them they are not going to share it with others. They are all going after the same money that can be made made.

I’m sure most of you are members of SEO/marketing forums like Digital Point or Warrior Forum. On these types of forums you will find endless people telling you how to get your site to the front page of Google. I will say that most of the tips are bad tips and may even hurt your site.

You will find people that would love to blast your new website with 1000’s of backlinks all at once. How do you think Google will look at a brand new site only weeks old that has 20,000 backlinks?

Bad SEO Advice

Bad SEO Advice

You want to make sure that you are taking advice from people that trustable insuring that you are getting good information. If you have read the about New To SEO page you will know that I have followed some of that bad SEO advice and have lost money in the process. Did you know that I started playing around with the SEO of my sites after the Google Panda upgrade. I had no clue about it and sunk almost $100 into 3 autoblog websites. Because I listened to some jerk I lost not only the $100 but a domain that I had aged for 3 years which got banned by Google. Since then I have been doing more research on everything before I use it on my money sites along with some common sense.

The bottom line is this, know that you are getting seo tips from a reputable member of a forum or blog, use common sense, if it seems to good to be true it is and research Google Panda. After reading up on this subject you should be able to use common sense and make your own educated dissensions on what to try for your site. Once you learn that nothing comes free you will sop wasting money, sand-boxing your sites and move forward in your quest of being successful.