Backlinks can be viewed as ‘votes’ coming from other sites. They place a link onto their website that points back at yours. This indicates they feel your site has something to offer that is helpful and interesting enough that they would recommend it.

This is a process that is only one of many used for getting the search engines to view your site as being relevant for user searches. Because ranking for most anything, mainly competitive niches, can be almost impossible without enough links that point back to your website, means backlinks are very significant in your SEO work.

It is crucial to your online business success that you take the time to learn about how to acquire backlinks. This needs to be a major part of your daily activities for your business. It means you are taking an active part in your success. You cannot afford to wait for other sites to decide they want to link to yours because it might never happen at all. Being proactive is the only way.

You have a few ways of accomplishing this. A lot of the easiest ways of obtaining backlinks are free and you don’t need to go begging to obtain your links.

Obtaining Backlinks For Free – Maybe the most common way is article writing. You publish your articles on article directories like and people will visit your site and give you a backlink. You should write your article around 500 words long or longer and then publish it here before you submit it to any other directories.

One of the benefits of submitting articles is the way that most directories allow your articles to be used by other websites, as long as they keep your resource box intact. This means you might get dozens or even hundreds of good backlinks to your site as you articles get picked up and then published in other places.

You can create lots of good backlinks using web 2.0 sites like HubPages, Squidoo, and other sites of this type. You can find thousands of them online and publish multiple pages with every one of them if you want.

Always be sure to read over their rules and abide by them. Many of them are bit strict to discourage spammers, so make sure your material is of good quality and original.

Now you can see about obtaining links from your competition. Back a few years a lot of webmasters got linked up to various other webmasters just because they got asked, but that’s not true today. It takes offering more.

You can guest author and accomplish this. This is similar to article writing but instead of submitting to directories you are writing for an individual website. Just contact the site’s owner and see if they would want a 100% exclusive website written by you in exchange for a backlink to your website within your article. Some may accept your offer and other won’t, but even a handful can bring you good backlinks that bring more traffic to your site. Your rankings can really get boosted if the sites have authority.