Update May 2017: Please note this review only relates to the business (now closed) called DLH Web Consultancy Ltd (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08239559) located at Boho One – F05, Bridge Street West, Middlesbrough, England TS2 1AE and NOT the business Web Consultancy Group Ltd (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07924238) located at 21 Gosford St, Middlesbrough, TS2 1BB.

Elizabeth Mulligan from the UK web design business DLH Web Consultancy Ltd don’t SPAM email an SEO experts website with an offer related to web design/search engine optimisation services and then ignore their response. Yes, I responded to the email related to a free website report, I really would like to see what I’m doing wrong here SEO wise :-)

DLH Web Consultancy Ltd

This comment is simply a slap in the face to DLH Web Consultancy Ltd based in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire UK, in an attempt to gain SERPs related to DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Review and maybe Web Consultancy Middlesbrough or Web Consultancy North Yorkshire or Web Consultancy Review. I don’t like email SPAM.

On August 21st 2014 I received the following email to an @stallion-theme.co.uk email address. I don’t get much email to that domain, so SPAM stands out, some of my other email addresses generate hundreds of SPAM emails a day.

Email SPAM from a Middlesbrough Web Design Company…

From: em@webconsultancy.co.uk
Subject: Introduction
Hi, my name is Elizabeth.

I was hoping it would be possible to arrange a quick chat?

I suspect you receive many generic emails offering business services, but at Web Consultancy, we stand out. We pride ourselves on the service we provide and always go the extra mile for customers, which can be backed up by our testimonials.

One of the most important elements of online success is well written content. Relevant, unique and natural, this is what search engines reward today, so it’s essential for any website. We don’t outsource any of our work and we have 12 full time journalists and writers who all have university degrees, as do our 6 web developers.

All born and bred in the North East of England with English as our first language, we are highly experienced at creating high quality online content. We are extremely versatile and able to write blogs, websites, newsletters, and many other types of content, adjusting our service for the individual needs of each client.

Before anything else, I’d like to offer you a free in-depth website audit. This will cover many important factors along with what could be done to improve your current rank. This audit is completely free and will benefit any website owner. All reports will be sent directly to you via email.

I mentioned how proud I am of the work we produce – some of our current customers have said they are so happy they would be available by phone to verify the direct results of our work.

If you would like to see the report on your website just let me know and they will be run straight away (no obligation).

Kind Regards,

Elizabeth Mulligan

Boho One | Bridge Street West | Middlesbrough | TS2 1AE

UK tel:
UK ddi:
US tel:


Unsubscribe me from the mailing list.

Is it just me, or do others get irritated when people say things like “born and bred in the North East of England”? I was born in Derbyshire, but I’m pretty sure there was no breeding program involved.

I responded within an hour with the following:

Subject: RE: Introduction
I’m interested to see the no obligation report on my website.

David Law

I’ve waited patiently ever since, about 3 weeks and not had any more SPAM emails or the free no obligation report on my website from DLH Web Consultancy Ltd. I really wanted to know what search engine optimisation strategies I’d got wrong!

DLH Web Consultancy isn’t what you’d call a big player in the web design, web consultancy, SEO industry. Looking at their website it’s the usual poorly built site using a crappy template system that can be used to quickly run out a website for clients that are hard for the client to update themselves.

For DLH Web Consultancy this is great business practice, you convince some small business into buying a website from them and because the updates are so hard to make for someone that lacks HTML skills they get lots of repeat business. Not so great for the small business mind you, they need a small change to the site and DLH Web Consultancy charge them for the privilege (this is why a CMS like WordPress is awesome for small businesses, easy to create and edit content).

I’m reasonably confident of the above because viewing source of their home page (several webpages) shows footprints of this sort of crappy template system (it’s so 1990s web design).

This HTML code is commented out, strongly suggesting a boilerplate template was used and they commented out rather than deleted unused elements:

<div class="wrap">
<div class="circles">

<div class="circle one">
<ul class="circle-data">
<li><img src="/images/idea.png" alt="Idea" /></li>
<li class="heading">Bright Ideas</li>
<li class="text">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,</li>
<li class="text">consectetur adipiscing elit</li>
<li class="text">metus magna, sollici</li>
<li class="text">ullam orper</li>
<li class="text">tique.</li>

Lorem ipsum is the sort of standard text web designers use to fill elements of a HTML design for testing or before they add the clients content. They have 5 blocks of commented code like the above on the homepage.

I’ll also add from an SEO services review perspective their onsite SEO is rubbish, they even use the now defunct keywords meta tags:

<meta name="keywords" content="search engine optimisation, design, development, digital marketing, social media, research, keyword, link building, app design, online marketing, domain, domains, drop, catching, management, ecommerce, ppc, analytics" />

That’s funny.

To the Middlesbrough Web Design company that owns this website the above meta tag is ignored by Google.

Checkout their Google PageSpeed Insights Tool results: http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.webconsultancy.co.uk%2F&tab=mobile those are some dire numbers!

DLH Web Consultancy LTD SEO Results
DLH Web Consultancy LTD SEO Results

Hmm, they list some UK brand names of websites they worked with, sites like RightMove.co.uk (popular UK property site), I hope RightMove don’t use them, their SEO is rubbish. Though looking at the SEO behind RightMove could be them as the onpage SEO is non-existent.

Don’t email SPAM me DLH Web Consultancy.


Note: Originally added as a comment to DLH Web Consultancy Ltd Review